For many years the hygiene of ventilation systems has been neglected. Now the building managers have realized that dust and air pollution are a serious problem.

Uncleaned air-duct (air-conditioning) systems are the largest source of “bad” air which enters through the openings in indoor premises. Even when windows are wide open this negative effect cannot be compensated. Thus pollution circulates in the entire building, affecting the comfort and health of all – employees and customers.

Moreover, this problem leads to higher utility bills, risk of fire and untimely damage of expensive components.

In order to let the air-conditioning network in a building “breathe”, it is necessary to remove all the dirt, dust and fragments accumulated inside it. The good news is that you can reduce losses in effectiveness through good maintenance. Research shows that regular cleaning of the aerial conductors leads to preservation of 95 % of their initial effectiveness.

This means that your income shall rise because of the lower monthly electricity bill and the lesser expenses on repairs.