TENTUS BULGARIA uses professional equipment and last generation devices ensuring excellent results in cleaning ventilation and air-conditioning installations.


Combined machines for cleaning brushes with both the compressed air or liquid disinfectant / solvents. Special Cleaner 25 and 15 Multi Combi Cleaner – Clean the inner surfaces of the channels with mechanically driven by electric or pneumatic road brush mounted on a flexible shaft. Can control the frequency and the direction of rotation of the brush, then bends in the channels spread by different nozzles a liquid solvent composition or compressed air in the working area of the brush. The machines are designed for a channel with a diameter of 200 to 800 mm. For channels with rectangular cross section by a mechanical centering device. Operating range of the shaft in one direction of Special Cleaner is 20 meters. and Multi Combi Cleaner 15 to 12 m, the speed of the brush – 225 to 570 revolutions per minute


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Hepa Clean 4000 and Hepa Clean 2500 are cleaning machines dry air containing dust formed from materials such as asbestos, quartz, solid wood, wool, microorganisms, mold spores and more. The machine can also be used to create a negative pressure in the vents and large areas for suction of what you paid when dealing with “Special Cleaner 25 Multi and Multi Combi Cleaner 15. Equipped with a device for measuring the pressure before and after filters providing information about their condition and the need for replacement. Airflow 3850 and 2450 cu. / Hour, and connecting hose with a diameter of 300 mm., Length – 10m


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Low-pressure compressor which supports blowing dust and dirt separated; court filing cleaners and disinfectants; spreader granules absorb fat.

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Duct Control Mini is a portable inspection system of ventilation ducts and pipes with minimum f200mm. Remote controlled minikamera equipped with LEDs powered by a battery of 12V, gives a visual indication of the status monitor for duct or pipe. May be used as a circular duct and for such a rectangular section. Scope of coverage of minicamera is 25 m



Various devices and accessories for cleaning small air-ducts /up to 250 mm/, transport

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