Health and quality of life

You would be surprised to learn about the health problems and the consequences for the quality of your life which result from the air that you breathe. Research is explicit that the air in your office is often more polluted than even the smog in the big city. Your ventilation system may be a source of dangerous mould, fungus and bacteria which affect all people, but most seriously, children, elderly people and those who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases.


Here are the major negative consequences for your health:

Irritation of the eyes, skin, nose and throat. Weakness, headache, stuffed nose, infections of the respiratory tract, eye infections, allergies, nausea, dizziness, cold and other similar symptoms.

Lower work efficiency and quality of labor, poor motivation, difficulty to concentrate, computer fatigue, irritability.


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Causes for the dirtiness of ventilation systems

The first possibility of dirtiness appears as early as the improper storage, mounting and exploitation of brand new ventilation systems. For that reason you need to be sure that you entrust the work to the care of experts from the very beginning.

Moreover, just like with any other machine, the air-conditioning system in the building shall also depreciate with time. Without regular maintenance, there is loss of the initial efficiency, more energy is consumed and eventually your earnings decrease. Inefficiency is also speeded up if there is a lack of adequate monitoring and maintenance. In the meantime, it causes you much inconvenience.


Important benefits of cleaning for optimizing your expenses:

• Increasing the efficiency of heating and cooling;

• Reducing the energy expenses;

• Increasing the work efficiency of employees and reducing their absence due to illness

• Reducing the expenses on cleaning and renovation of the work premises.



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The new European Standard EN 13779:2007 regarding the specification requirements for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems in rooms has officially come into force in Bulgaria.

To avoid negative consequences your business should be managed properly and in accordance with the Regulation requirements. This means for instance, that your insurer will indemnify your claim in a possible damage only if the ventilation system has been cleaned. The same condition applies to your accountability before the fire-precaution service or the hygiene control institutions whenever these make regular or random inspections.